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Mindset training and Motivation delivered to your door every month

A subscription box for successful people!

"The 77% of employers believe that soft skills (less tangible skills associated with one’s personality, such as a positive attitude) are just as important as hard skills." -CareerBuilder.com

Easy to order

With just 3 clicks you can order your box, simple and easy.

Always on time

We work close with the shipping company to deliver your box on time.

Manage your subscription

You can pause, cancel or reactivate your subscription from your customer area.

Training for Success

Monthly tasks and exercises to release your potential.

What is Motivabox?

A box full of motivational/inspirational products and a community that will help you reach your goals. Every month the box will cover a different Soft Skill (Mindfulness, Time Management, Public Speaking, etc). These are the skills that makes the difference in your personal and professional life.  A guide will explain you how to get the most out of every product and what are your monthly goals. We work hard every month to keep you inspired and with the right mindset to achieve success.

"You're always one decision away from a totally different life"

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How It Works

1. Subscribe

For ONLY €38.49/month. We'll ship you a box a month until you say when.

2. Motivabox Arrives

We send the boxes the last week of every month. Motiva-Truck will deliver your box on time and right to your door.

3. Enjoy monthly motivation!

Start your training and work hard to complete each month goals.

What's inside the box?

Each month the box is build around a different interpersonal skill (mindfulness, leadership, etc) the box contains 5-7 inspirational and motivational products. The content is surprise and you will be able to see some "sneak peeks" on social media. 

For ONLY €38.49/month you'll receive top training that will improve your entrepreneurial, professional and personal skills. Oh yes! I almost forgot, the 10th of every month an exclusive ebook full of tips, steps and real examples created by Motivabox team, around the month theme, will hit your inbox!