"Soft Skills will make or brake your career"

-Peggy Klaus

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"The 77% of employers believe that soft skills (less tangible skills associated with one’s personality, such as a positive attitude) are just as important as hard skills." -CareerBuilder.com

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Hi! I'm Vanessa

During my entire life I've been struggling to create something that could make a lasting positive impact on people. So...one  year ago, I created Motivabox spanish version with my husband Ronald, and  due to its success we decided to open English version too, so we can reach more women around the world, and....YES, we did it!!. Our goal is to "Move Woman From Dreaming to Thriving"

So many times we heard people complaining about their lifes, without knowing that you're the only one who can change this. To thrive is a choice, an attitude, and your ability to thrive in the world is deeply connected to the actions you take every single day. HUSTLE MODE ON!

"You're always one decision away from a totally different life"

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Each month the box is build around a different interpersonal skill, for example: time management, mindfulness, leadership,...See our Past Boxes

The box contains 5-7 skills based, inspirational and motivational goods. The content is surprise and you'll be able to see some "sneak peeks" on social media. 

For ONLY $35.90/month + shipping you'll receive top training that will improve your entrepreneurial, professional and personal skills. Oh yes! I almost forgot, the 10th of every month an exclusive ebook full of tips, steps and real examples created by Motivabox team will hit your inbox!

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Is Motivabox for real?



I had cancelled before I received my first box due to finances, but i liked the first box so much I resubscribed. This box is a 5 star for sure, beautifully curated


Alzate Brianza, Italy

Motivabox reflects the hard work of a young, creative team which decided to address the audience in a smart way; Motivabox gives you practical tools and suggests easy achievable and attachable to your routine activities you can do everyday.  Like a gym for your mind!


California, US

Do you need a good dose of motivation in your life? Motivabox is the tool you need to improve your skills and keep you motivated. I love it!

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