"Soft Skills will make or brake your career"

-Peggy Klaus

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Motivabox?

It's a monthly box build around a different theme (mindfulness, leadership, etc) the box contains 5-7 inspirational and motivational products, a guide and tasks. The content is surprise and you will be able to see some "sneak peeks" on social media.

What are the Soft Skills and why are so important?

The Soft Skills are the set of skills that increase our potential and possibilities of success in our professional and personal life. They are a key part of organization's success and for this reason are increasingly sought after by employers and fundamental tools for entrepreneurs. They give us a real plus in our professional career and in our life.

Here are some examples:

  • ✓Team Work
  • ✓Active Listening
  • ✓Leadership
  • ✓Problem Solver
  • ✓Time Management
  • ✓Public Speaking
  • ✓Empathy
  • And many more...

What comes inside my Motivabox?

The box contains all the necessary material to help you work on the skill of the month, as well as refueling motivation. Between 5 and 7 items:

✓ Objects selected to work the Soft Skill or theme of the month, start working from day one

✓ Motivational stuff! So you get full of energy and good vibes

✓ An instruction card, with the instructions on how to use of the box, tips, tasks! and goals.

How does Motivabox work?

Motivabox is like a gym for your mind, each box is carefully designed so that you can develop, learn and put into practice the activities that we propose, just in time for the next box.

What happens if I get a book I already have?

The content of the box is surprise and of course we don't know all the books you already have so, this could happen!. However, we have a policy to refund you $5 or half the price the book have on Amazon (whatever represents more money) as a discount for the next month. In addition we encourage you to give the book to someone, so we can keep the positive energy flowing ♥ To request the refund you just need to send us a photo of both books together to hello@motivabox.com. By the way, we love that we like the same books!. Remember that you have a proposal to get more out of the book in the instruction card included in the box. Although you have already read it, we recommend you to do it again following our instructions.

How much does my Motivabox cost?

Motivabox Full: $35,90 + shipping (estimated value of the content $81)

How do I get my Motivabox?

Very easy! Click on subscribe, select what type of Motivabox you want, fill in the data and wait for the mailman, Beep beep!. No minimum time commitments or any kind of buy-in, you can skip months or cancel the service anytime from your customer area. Et Voilà! Fly straight to your goals.

When do I receive my Motivabox?

If you subscribe before the last 10 days of the current month, we'll send your box the last week of that month. If you subscribe during the last 10 days of the current month, we'll send your box the last week of the next month.  We will send the boxes as soon as possible within the last week of each month. There is a countdown timer in the home page, that tells you how much time you have left to subscribe. UTC timezone. All this can vary if the number of boxes we have defined for that month are sold out, if this happens, we'll announce it properly on the web and social networks.

We are based in Madrid, Spain, the estimated arrival times, since delivery to the shipping company:

✓ United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg: it takes around 7-14 working days.

✓ Spain: around 2-4 working days.

How do I get my Motivabox?

We'll send you an email with the tracking number when your box leaves our premises, so you can follow it. We work with several shipping companies:

✓ Spain, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Dominican Republic: Correos Spain (its partner in each country) and ASM

✓ United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria: ASM (together with its partner GSL)

Can I skip a month without cancel my subscription?

Are you on Vacation? or do you have an unexpected expense this month? Don´t worry, from your customer area you can "skip the next shipment", so we won't charge you nor send you any box that month. Remember to do it before the first of the month, which is when the subscription is automatically renewed. The next month, you will receive it normally. The number of times you can skip a month is not limited, you can do it every time you want.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Hassle-Free. You can unsubscribe or cancel your subscription at any time before the first of the month, which is when the subscription is automatically renewed. You do it from your customer area. From there you can also re-activate your subscription whenever you want.

Where do we send the boxes and how much the shipping cost?

We ship to:

✓ United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg for $9.40

✓Austria and the Netherlands:  for $11.71

✓ Spain and Portugal: for free

For customers outside Spain:

This rarely happen, but we just want to be totally transparent with you. Depending on the laws and regulations on your country, you may have to pay additional taxes or fees to receive your package, this is beyond our control. 

It can also happen that your bank collects an extra-fee for buying in another country or use a different currency, again, this is beyond our control, in this case you should talk to your bank. Our pricing model is simple: the subscription price or individual box price, no hidden costs.

We are working hard to reach more countries.

When does my subscription renew?

The subscription is renewed automatically the 1st of each month.

Do we work with YouTubers, Instagramers, etc ...?

Yes, you are all welcome to the team!. Please note that we have a large volume of requests, we evaluate all the proposals and try to reply to everyone, we do our best, but it is not always possible or it will take us a considerable time to respond, thanks for your patience!.

Do you work with an NGO?

Children and young people are the future of the world. We collaborate with Children's Villages (Aldeas Infantiles) in a monthly way, their work is very important, they help children to fulfill their basic needs as human beings, the opportunity to belong to a family, to receive education, growth healthy and being loved. We invite you to visit their website. Feel free to ask us for the receipt of the donation ;-)

Are Coupons or new prices retroactive?

No, coupons or promotions will only apply when they are in progress. Pricing change will always apply on the next renovation.